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Bugs in with SCPs

Posted: Sun Apr 14, 2019 11:54 am
by andreymust19

1) I know what this SCP randomly teleport between rooms when player stay away. Rarely he can teleport in room where already stay player, right in front of him. I have that 2 times. I just walk by room and 173 teleport right in front me.
2) Rarely appear only model this SCP, without sounds, blink indicator and behaviour. Just model. I have that 2 times.
Can it be repeated?:
Yes, but i not notice reason, except what "2)" is happens after load quicksave.

SCP-178, SCP-714
Effect of this items sometimes not disappear after take off item. In inventory i have empty slot 'face' and 'hand', but effect still have. Helps repeat put on / take off item.