AVG annoyance with the current version (v0.6.5) (Not fixed.)

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Fri Apr 12, 2019 3:51 pm

I'm not sure what to really do at this point about this.

So, when I downloaded v0.6.5 and tried to load it, it worked for a little bit, getting as close as starting intro. But then, my antivirus, AVG, loaded up and closed the game, saying it was a virus. But here is the weird thing, v0.6 didn't have the same effect. Every thing worked properly, the game loaded, nothing lagged, and AVG didn't close it or say it was a virus. Is it able to be patched? Or is this really a virus?
Thank you - Miles

(Edit: I didn't want to try turning off AVG because I'm worried about malware immediately entering my computer, so would I risk my computer having a virus? No.)