Improved damage/death affects

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Ydamage/knockback affects with event scenes and improved death scenes/animation

Let's me start with damage, the two things i will be talking about are what the players see and what is done to the player
damage/knockback affects and event scenes
when the player it hit by scp's that dont kill on contact(for now just 106 and tht dog thing) it feels really lacking, they just run to you stop and smack/bite you and then you hear the noise. I feel that there could be affects like listed below
Blue= damage/events. red= death scenes
  • if the player is smacked they take knowback depending on the scp and if they collide with a wall they hit the wall maybe with ear ringing noise
  • if the player is facing away from 106 and he's bringing the player to his demension he would grab the players coller and pull him back throwing him into the demesion similar to some outlast events and if they are grabbed from the front they are thrown to the groung and slowys sink into his demension
  • affect similar to the blood around the screen when the players hurt in fps games, ringing in their ears if they hit their head/fall, and limping/heavy breathing when really hurt
  • if players our attact by scp's small to medium size that pounce have eent where they struggle to get it of and etc
  • event where player fall through some type of railing
  • if the player ran for a long time and nxt to a wall they might put their hand and the wall and if they're sick they might throw up
  • jump scare events and obstical events similar to the the 682 one that was suggested

improved death/scp scenes
I also think that deaths are lacking as it just skips to the menu and with this scps like the only take 2 cany is also a bit lacking
  • death from tesla gate cause th player cam to shake/become bloody with the character looking at his hands as electric goes through them(similar to the bioschock animation when injecting electric powers)
  • if they die by 106, a scene starts where 106 grabs them and start pulling out their guts while staring into the players eyes with his smile
  • if they player takes more than 2 candies the character would look at his arms as you see it slowly slicing around both wrists until they fall off(with screaming)
  • if the player die by gun shot the character would look at his wound touch it see the blood on his hands then collapse
  • if they are caught by chaos soldiers they would walk up to the player and shoot them point blank in the face(this would cause ringing)
  • if caught and killed by tht dog monster it would do what dogs do and have the player in his mouth as thrash around to tear them apart
  • after eating to much of the gum the character would notice pink gew foaming from his arm

notes: These are just recommendationand im always up for discussion also all death scenes noted above would be in fpv so the devs dont have to model a body
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Mon Apr 15, 2019 1:40 pm

i'm just going to say i still think it's funny when the scp's run up to the player with all their might, stop in-front of them, swing and then make a wacking noise when they hit them, and then repeat :D
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