New G.O.IS?

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Wed May 16, 2018 1:07 pm

G.O.I: G.O.C (Global Occult Coalition)
I would like to see the G.O.C implemented. Not exactly top priority (I would like the game to be... a full game first), but this faction is, in my opinion, the most sick group in the S.C.P universe.
I think they'll appear in heavy containment, using teleportation to get in (they have magic). They would be in White Suits, which is basically power armor. They would be neutral, but if they detect anomalous items on your person, would demand them to be dropped. If the player wants to be cheeky, and sprints for it, they would open fire. Should the player use a key-card door and close it, the Strike Team would have none of that, just pulling the door open. This would be true, unless the player IS a anomaly like last game. If that is the case... The encounter would be much shorter.
Any other notes:
Whew, so, I would appreciate this getting into the game, but again, not necessary. And if anyone else wants to suggest a G.O.I, go on ahead down below.