SCP-4773-2 - and a stuffed bear

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Description: SCP-4773-2 is a brown, stuffed bear composed of synthetic fur and cotton. SCP-4773-2 will periodically levitate between 10 and 70 centimetres from the ground, and move in irregular patterns. Objects, entities, and surfaces near SCP-4773-2 may be wholly or partially imperceptible. This is considered normal behaviour.

Due to events, it is suspected that the anomaly possesses some secondary mind-affecting effects. This has been conclusively disproved. This is considered normal behaviour. See below.

Tentative Description: The following properties which may or may not relate to circumstances surrounding SCP-4773-2 are currently unconfirmed. Reader discretion is advised.

Mass, shape, etc. — baseline, normal physical properties
Movement (verified)
Changes in environment (unspecified (verified))
Removal of food.
Triggering of unspecified subconscious instincts amongst personnel.
Improper disposal of food waste, which was fully edible at the time(?) by personnel
Fate unknown.
Currently three (3) sandwiches, four (4) packets of salted potato chips, and various assorted confectionery.
Movement (unverified)
It's difficult (verified)
An inability to properly co
Staff are unable t
The existence of implications (unclear)(?)

In game : SCP-4773 roaming on facility player can see her she,s hold a SCP-4773-2