SCP-5303 - No Eyed Girl

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Description: SCP-5303 is a mute 1.6 meter tall female humanoid, the eye sockets of which are covered with skin. SCP-5303 is capable of seeing by hijacking the sense of sight from nearby individuals, allowing it to see from their perspective.

Subjects under this effect are incapable of seeing their surroundings, and will instead perceive white light. Subjects will auditorily perceive the thoughts of SCP-5303 in this state, although a majority of its thoughts are unintelligible and incohesive. Comprehensible thoughts show that SCP-5303 has prominent feelings of romantic loneliness.

Personnel around SCP-5303 often report experiencing sensations of scopaesthesia1. These claims are currently under investigation.

In game : player need use SCP-249 for teleport to SCP-5303 after player teleport to SCP-5303 forest player can see SCP-5303 roaming on forest.