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Description: SCP-745 is a bipedal nocturnal predator. The head is a bloated sack of clear skin that lacks visible sensory organs or a skull. The brain of the creature can be directly observed and is wrapped in a web of bio-luminescent organs below the skin. Skin covering the rest of the body has a deep black coloration. Living specimens of SCP-745 are capable of producing a steady output of 1400 to 3200 lumens from their head. At night, this effectively obscures the rest of the body and gives the appearance of a floating point of light.

In Game: Scp-745 will have its own containment which is accessed via an elevator. Just like Scp-049s containment room in the original containment breach the power will shut down and a flashlight or night vision is needed. If a player sees a flashing light it is recommended to stop moving, the faster the flash the more likely an instance of Scp-745 will charge at the player.
Any other notes:
Thinking about i would like to see Scp-745 to look like this
https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&source= ... 8078278422