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Erin Eldritch
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Sat Jan 18, 2020 9:58 am

SCP/Item/Feature: A way to contain 049

Explanation: It's mentioned in 049's article that when aggressive, lavender can be used to calm it and make it compliant again. This would likely be something far into the game, and far in the future as neither have been implemented yet, but when encountering SCP-1609's containment room, which is a garden in which the remains of 1609 are used as mulch to keep it content, one might be able to find some lavender in this garden, that they might use to calm 049. It's possible this may only be temporary, ie it allows you to escape 049 a few times, but it could also be used to recontain 049 so one doesn't have to worry about him anymore.

I doubt this should be easy, perhaps 1609 is agitated as well and you have to find a way to calm them down before you can get to the lavender, or perhaps you have to lure 049 back to his containment chamber where there's a way to waft the smell of the lavender throughout the room, either way this wouldn't be a simple task.