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Description: SCP-3007-1 is a reoccurring hallucinogenic phenomenon, with no apparent pattern regarding age, gender, race, health or occupation. SCP-3007-1 affects approximately ██ individuals (designated SCP-3007-2). Affected subjects claim to be transported to a location, designated SCP-3007-3.

In Game: 15% of the time when loading into a game the player will be transferred to Scp-3007-3 and will be able to walk around. If the player falls in Scp-3007-3 they will obviously die. On the other hand if the player travels through Scp-3007-3 then they will view the pictures as seen in Exploration Log 3007-GV and the player will make up. Within 1 minute a message will be announced saying that D-9341 is subject to termination due to risk of a breach of Scp-3007.