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How about in the idea that the player coud build a small device that when placed on a roomba lures SCP 106 away from the player when in a chase.


The player woud need to use Metalscraps from the failed conversion of gases in SCP 914 and even scrap some keycards

for electronics. This woud ensure that in the early game to mid game SCP 106 woud remain a threat, because they don't have enouth keycards.


The player coud potantially solf-lock his file by crushing all keycards and not beeing abled to escape from the lower floors. When the player has only one keycard left he shoud not be abled to drop the card it in SCP 914's room.

When the device is to strong, nerf the %'s of succses of lureing SCP 106 away.


When the player has all the materials for crafting a electronic-lure he will be abled to combine the materials, this takes time tho (mabye 30 sek.) for balancing so he can't craftet during a chase, these will have a 20% change of lureing SCP 106 away from the player when in direct line of sight, in the case of not being in direct line of sight it will have a 90% of lureing him compleatly away until next chase event( % so high that it is not concidered trash by the community and never used).

In Game:

A small device with mabye some wries hanging out and a speaker on top sending out screams (to keep it lore friendly).

Routh Concept of the "Electronic-lure" -

Concept Picture: