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Tue Jul 30, 2019 6:56 am

SCP/Item/Feature: Scp-085

Explanation: Is a piece of paper located on a table. Where "she" is sitting on a chair (idle), until the player approaches "her" and a small animation plays. Where she notices the player and then stands up and walk off the side of the paper, only to appear on the paper next to it, which is smaller than the previous paper. Then to do it again, only to appear on a post-it note hunching over to get inside off a drawing small door, to only go inside and closing after "herself". Or crawl through a drawing of a window to then turn around and close it. As this would be interesting to see, in game.

Any other notes: This wouldn't help the player in any way, but a thing that is interesting to stop and look at it, almost similar to the SCP-1762 in the game.