"Shocking" reptile and a prehistoric pal

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Scp-4307 and Scp-3934

Description: SCP-4307 is the designation for a group of 27 entities belonging to the extinct Nothosaurus genus. SCP-4307 specimens are capable of emitting electromagnetic pulses through an organ located near the brain.

In Game: Scp-4307 will be found in the exterior containment zone where they're usually peaceful. If provoked or cornered however Scp-4307 will release an electromagnetic shock able to kill the player.

Description: SCP-3934 is a species of amphibious reptiles produced via anomalous means by Marshall, Carter, and Dark LLP. Instances of SCP-3934, classified as Plesiosaurus pygmaeus, grow to only just over half the size of other plesiosaurs.

In Game: Scp-3934 can be found in the living quarters inside a huge aquarium. If the player attempts to go in they're required to equip a scuba suit and can befriend Scp-3934, resulting in the player being able to release Scp-3934. When the player finds a harbor in the exterior containment zone they can meet up with Scp-3934 and escape together, earning an ending to Scp Unity.

Any other notes:
Model and texture idea for Scp-4307 here: https://www.deviantart.com/poharex/art/ ... -728716319

Model and Texture for Scp-3934 here: https://www.deviantart.com/poharex/art/ ... -777622166
*Credit to Poharex*

In case you are wondering I believe there should be some kind of port that can be found in the exterior containment zone where the player can either escape by boat or by befriending Scp-3934.
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Seems Cool
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