Scp-3660 Zoo Zipper Idea

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Scp-3660 Zoo zipper

Scp-3660 will either be Found in Heavy or Exterior containment, where the player will walk down a hallway and see different types of animals inside small concrete chambers which look similar to the D-Class sleeping areas, while some animals will vocalise normally, others will be pleading to be released. When the player reaches the end of the corridor They’ll see a testing chamber with a D-Class locked inside this gives the player two options.

Option A- Open Scp-3660 Case:
If the player chooses this option the lights will begin to flicker as the D-Class will begin to panic, at which point Scp-3660 glass case will open and the zipper will get attached to his skin and will automatically open to reveal an animal of some species, after this the chamber door will open and the animal will run out and attack you, knocking you out when you wake up you notice all the other chamber doors are opened and they’ve all left. you’ll encounter the test subjects in the facility as killable hostile enemies.

Option B- Release the test subjects:
If the player chooses this option all the chambers will open and all the test subjects will flee, however if you encounter them they won’t he hostile towards you and will instead help you by either distracting Scp’s or fighting MTF.

Depending on the size of the animal, depends on the rate you’ll encounter them and there could be certain areas where you could encounter them all together, this could be used to make sure they won’t be a common threat or will make the game too easy for that zone.

Any other notes:
This scp will be an eye for an eye situation, as if you don’t help them they won’t help you and instead treat you like a threat, however if you do help them, they'll help you as a favour for freeing them.

It’ll also add more life to the zone and will even give the player some help Against the other threats, while basically acting like a multiplayer without it actually being one.
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I have a couple of questions, but before I ask them, of course the game doesn't have to follow the articles to the letter, but I'd still like to ask these questions. Does this mean the game takes place before testing on 3660 is halted? Why is there a D-class just waiting to be tested on? I wouldn't think that there wasn't an automated way for the Researchers to stop the test once the containment breach happened. Personally I'd like to see 3660 added as a "the player can interact with it if they want to" and/or references to Dr. Scarclife (which would make sense lore wise, if the answer to the first question was yes. It could even be cool if the only way to get throw the area was with Scarclife's or any other researcher who's somehow been turned into an animal's help. Anyhow I think Maddogg's idea is cool gameplay wise.
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Nice idea, It would fit in the game because the MTF are hard to deal with, this might benefit if the player chooses to use it, and Maybe the animal is at random, Fox, Wolf, Blue Whale. (mentions the whale it in the wiki) as well as a peacock, Shark, Mouse.
And maybe the player could become an animal instead of the D-Boi in the test chamber. (would make sense because of 1. Testing is suspended, and 2. The Researchers and Security Department wouldnt leave a D-Boi in the test chamber.
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Actually pretty cool tbh
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Yeah SCP-3660 rate of interesting 57%
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