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Help SCP Unity by posting sound files, design concepts, or anything else you would like to show the development team.
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I would like to set up a wiki for SCP-Unity using Fandom.
Why you might ask?
Well, I think it would be handy to have a lot of information about SCP-Unity centralized in one place. Things like an SCP list, which links to pages about the SCP's in the remake along with their links to the original SCP site. As well as screenshots and where to find those SCP's.
I think this would clear things up a lot because I've been looking for which characters are what SCP and such.
I would like to know a few things:
Should it be like the original SCP website? Everything 'rollplayed'?
What are all the SCP's implemented right now?
Any other thing you might want to say?
If it's even allowed?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Also if you would like to help that would be great!
Link to wiki: (there's no content yet)

Regards, Mervin
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Ball on the Discord server seems to have beat you to the punch

http://scp-containment-breach-unity-edi ... ition_Wiki
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Thu Apr 12, 2018 8:24 pm

Yes Ball's is the official wiki but feel free to contribute!
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