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Help SCP Unity by posting sound files, design concepts, or anything else you would like to show the development team.
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Thu Jul 26, 2018 4:38 pm
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Why thank you and about spawn rate that's exactly what I was thinking about too! Tho' I still think, that there should be labels and stuff like that on top of the doors and in corridors, you know what, here're some examples for inspiration: ... 1149282490 ... 1145771537
Also, it's probably just me, but I think a little environmental moments like this could've been very good: ... 1382016103
Hmmm, the worldbuilding items of interest, delay between spawns, those are the things I haven't thought about. Hmmm, I think the spawn rate should be random and low, especially when there's no hostile SCP chasing the player, but, yeah, it should not be able to spawn immidiately after its first spawn, as you said.
Btw, if you want your suggestion for gameplay implementation of SCP 303 to get noticed, I would recommend you to go to "Bugs Reports and Suggestions" and create a new topic on this subject there.
done, check it out tell me if i missed anything
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