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SCP-002 - The "Living" Room ... =841976561 The models, the sound that plays when you enter it, and the containment chamber could be imported from this GMOD Map Addon. An SCP-500 pill can be found laying on the floor of SCP-002's interior, along with a 12 Gauge Ithaca 37 ( See my post on the inclusion of weapons here -> viewtopic.php?f=7&t=102).

SCP-002, will make D-9341, and certain humanoid SCPs walk towards it when they are near its containment chamber. When any of the above enters SCP-002 the walls inside of it will slowly begin vibrating, getting faster and faster the longer you are inside SCP-002. Also a screaming sound will slowly become louder and louder the longer you remain inside the SCP.
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