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Thu Oct 25, 2018 4:27 pm

Hello everyone, if you are reading this, it's either because you stumbled upon it while browsing our Forum or you used our new Forum and Social Media Feeds within our Discord!

If you are not in the Discord already, you can join here -
In our Discord you can:

- Be alerted faster upon new game releases.
- Receive Patreon Support rewards like being able to talk with the game developers in special hidden chats and access to Patron Channels and Updates. Want to be a Patreon? Go here -
- Keep up with our Social Media:
- SCP:CB Unity Twitter
- SCP:CB Unity Youtube
- SCP:CB Unity Streams
- SCP:CB Unity Forum Posts
- And more to be added soon!
- Talk about the game with all the other fans, developers, moderators, and more.
- Find all the FAQ most people ask about the game that you might want to know too.
- See SCPs that could be coming in future game updates.
- Compete in Artwork and other fun competitions!
- Discuss mod additions with other people interested in modding our game.
- And more!