Potential Easter egg

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On the wiki, in Incident 239-b a humorous video clip is mentioned.
Addendum: To the anonymous employee who took the Site-17 surveillance camera footage of Drs. Clef and Kondraki having a swordfight, set it to the "Highlander" theme song, and posted it to the company intraweb with the title, "There Can Be Only One": We will find out who you are, and when we do, you'll be missed greatly.

P.S. Whose smart idea was it to allow SCP-076 view the footage?

I think for a possible easter egg, you could have a low quality version of this clip play somewhere in the game.
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Well,i have a Easter Egg if thats fine,which is scp-179
Which there a room with a tv and a radio,which scp-179 can speak to,and you need to do a certain thing to turn the power on the tv and radio to actual interact with scp-179

So,how does that sound?
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