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SCP/Item/Feature: Words, I guess.


The player will be albe to speak to some of the NPCs, including:

- Lone and injured MTFs
- Site's staff*
- Any other escapees*
- Some of the sentient speaking class Safe or Euclid SCPs

The benefits of successful conversations:

MTF - Keycards, smaller weapons (knives, pistols)*, maps, radios
Staff - Keycards, healing items, SCP related information and SCP cells location
(location will be marked automatically on map)
Escapees - Makeshift weapons*
SCPs - Not dying.Explained below.

After the Euclid class SCPs get to the player, they have a once-per-game 80% of killing the player instantly,
and 10%-20% to activate a conversation which will result in death yet again. Or a task**. Tasks are time limited.
After the time limit for a task will expire, the SCP that has given the task out is going to be angered,
resulting in attacking the player more often.

Unsuccessful conversations:

Unsuccessful conversations have a chance to:

- Anger the NPC, making it thirsty for your blood.
- Make the NPC act passive-aggresive, avoiding the player***
- Betray the player
(Example: A scientist you spoke to sees you on the cameras and tells the MTF your current location through the radio.)
- Not to have any effect

Threatening options:***

If the player possesses any weapon or a possibly threatening item,
then an option to threat the NPC is possible,
raising the quality of received items if the conversation is successful,
but also raising the chance to make the NPCs betray the player, act angry, or passive-aggressive.

Any other notes:

* - If said items/NPCs will even be added to the game.

** - Tasks are small quests punishing the player for letting himself get caught by an SCP,
in which the player will have to get an item for the SCP ranging from a high-tier keycard or a specific item.
(Example: SCP-049 asks for your help to collect plauged subjects to perform surgery on.)

*** - SCPs not included.

Let's not just focus on the mechanic.
The conversations themselves are important and will add a lot of character if done properly.