Psychedelic Fox

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Description: SCP-1294 appears to be a male fennec fox. SCP-1294 is composed entirely of a fungal material, which replicates its skin, skeleton, and fur. The majority of SCP-1294's internal structure consists of a thick mold of varying viscosity. If left exposed for longer than approximately two minutes, subjects will enter a consistently increasing state of euphoria until removed from SCP-1294's presence.

In Game: Scp-1294 would be found in the heavy containment zone. If the player was to pet it the player will see a kaleido scope in their vision, Eventually the player will witness Scp-1294 lying against the player, envelop them, and shifts the player into Scp-1294s abdomen.
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It seems pretty cool. Nice idea! But the player should share the vision of the fox, just to make it worthwhile in-game.
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