Extra Gamemodes ideas

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Extra gamemodes ideas

I came up with a few gamemode ideas

1) "Sigma-13 Wretched Dawn" gamemode (basically NTF mod)
The player would get to go in the facility as an MTF operator to recontain the SCPs, shoot/detain D-class, secure and retreive
important SCP items, retreive dead bodies of site staff, rescue surviving site staff, or even fight SCP-682 and ect.
You would also have access to way better guns and weaponry than D-9341.

(a gamemode that is more focused on the gunplay)

2)"Man Behind the Breach" gamemode
Gamemode where you would get to play as a Dr. Maynard type character that would give SCP-079 control over the facility.
After giving SCP-079 control you would either try to escape before everything goes to sh*t, or you would go deeper into the facility to
steal SCP items for the benefit of the GoI that you are working for, or to sabotage the facility futher, for example killing guards that are trying
to contain the breach or releasing even more SCPs, disabling evacuation lifts, etc.

3)"2nd Survivor" gamemode
This mode would follow the story of a site staff member that has survived the breach. It would basically be the main game but the player would
be starting in difirent part of the facility and with a keycard and some other items.

(These ideas could either be used as extra modes or as DLCs)