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Many Waters

Posted: Sat Aug 24, 2019 12:09 pm
by cooldude
SCP-3637 is a fossilized Maiasaura skeleton excavated 8 km east of Bynum, Montana SCP-3637 will undergo a single 3637-Ramah event every time a thunderstorm forms or passes directly over SCP-3637During a 3637-Ramah event, wind speeds in the vicinity of SCP-3637 will increase to around 140 kph, a loud roar will be heard, and salt crystals within a 119 m radius of SCP-3637 will be drawn towards it and cover it completely. A lightning bolt will then strike SCP-3637 directly (SCP-3637 is undamaged by this), and the salt crystals will coalesce into the form of an adult Maiasaura skeleton, hereafter designated SCP-3637-1

In Game: Scp-3637 will be found in the super heavy containment zone. When approached a thunderstorm will happen and a Scp-3637-Ramah event will happen chasing the player and kill them. There will be an area where you can dig up Scp-3637s nest and incident Scp-3637-A will commence. Allowing Scp-3637 to finally rest in peace

Any other notes:
You might ask isn't Scp-3637 neutralized yes but lets just say it takes place before Scp-3637 is neutralized

Many Waters

Posted: Tue Sep 03, 2019 6:48 am
by TheWorstOpinioner
I like the idea of the player being responsible for incident SCP-3637-A and it would be cool to see how the Ramah event looks like.