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Scp-250 (Most of an allosaurus) Interaction ideas


250 walks towards 025-FR and puts its foot on 025-FR back 025-FR begins to struggle and riggle around trying to free itself while 250 tries to bite its back but after finding out it can’t bite through 025-FR back 250 lets it go to which 025-FR crawls away 250 snorts and goes make to normal

247 begins to growl at 250 as it edges closer but when it gets close enough 247 gets up and hisses at 250 making it back up in shock after this 250 immediately lunges towards 247 which dodges out of the way and turns around smacking 250 across the face with its paw before sprinting away 250 roars at the leaving 247

1507: (one instance)
250 charges at 1507 which tries to run away but 250 bites its back then lifts it into the air before slamming it down and putting its foot on its side and ripping 1507 head off

1507: (five instances)
250 lunges at 1507 and crushes it under its weight the other instances of 1507 turn and begin to walk towards 250 which roars and lunges at one instance of 1507 biting it and throwing it across the room before turning and smacking two other instances of 1507 with its tail
the last instance of 1507 jumps on 250 back and tries to stab 250 neck to no effect but 250 reacts like its doing damage to its body 250 then bites its leg and pulls it off before pinning it to the floor with its foot and ripping its head and neck off after this 250 does a victory roar

3011: (1)
250 leans down and begins to sniff 3011 which begins to hiss at 250 it lunges forwards making 250 pull its head back 250 snorts at 3011 and walks off

3011: (5)
250 charges forwards at the group of 3011 which all run in different directions 250 roars then walks away

250 charges at 106 however 106 begins to go throw his portal when 250 lunges at 106 he has completely gone through into his dimension so 250 trips and falls over 250 then gets up and shakes its head and walks over to where 106 went into its portal and begins to sniff it before snorting and walking away

Spike: (Tasking robot)
250 carefully walks towards spike and begins sniffing it the robot keeps doing whatever it needs to but 250 begins to bite the back off its legs testing if its safe it then puts its foot on its back and pins it to the floor before ripping its arm off and other pieces of metal 250 then finds out it's not edible and walks off

Tesla Gate:
250 walks near the tesla gate and it sparks making 250 jump back in shock 250 then starts to roars at the gate while backing up in fear 250 then runs away

Any other notes:
These were just some ideas for how SCP-250 could react to certain things hopefully its useful
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Good idea but need more SCPs again for more cool again like SCP 2999???
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