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Decription: SCP-746 is a sapient avian humanoid, standing 1.3 meters tall and weighing 38 kilograms. The entity's face appears aged, and is a deep red with a 28 centimeters long beak-like nose. Most of its body is covered in rough black feathers, the longest being on the forearms, shoulders, neck, and head. Currently, SCP-746 wears a specialized leg brace provided by Foundation medical personnel on its left leg due to suffering a permanent crippling injury
Scp-746 will be found in the Exterior Containment Zone and will attack the player if the players gets too close. Sometimes Scp-746 will attack out of nowhere and attack the player. The weakness of Scp-746 is that its very slow.
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If anyone can model and implement this please respond in the comments.