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SCP-090 is a black cubic structure [20 cm x 20 cm x 20 cm] made of an unknown ceramic material. Object is classified as indestructible following tests outlined in Document 090-B[Unattached]. Each side is divided into ten thousand individual squares in arrangement similar to a Rubik's cube [100 segments per edge, each segment 2mm wide]. Each square has part of a design etched into the surface. Etchings glow white.

Unknown internal structure causes the realignment of a single row or column (roughly) every 2.8 seconds. Vague records of the object's alignments have been kept since 1242 CE, but those kept before 1533 CE have been lost. Modern technology has allowed the exact alignments to be imaged and recorded, as well as studied.

Segments are divided by a thin white line unless they are aligned correctly with the square directly adjacent to them. There are 22 correct alignments on the object's surface currently. See[Unattached] for complete current object alignment.

It would be an artifact scp like the ducks or the bladewing butterflies in the sense that they do not provide use but are cool or funny to observe.