Security room showcasing scps

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Thu Jul 25, 2019 4:37 am

Security area with cameras into Containment chambers

In living quarters there could be a room with different security cameras looking into different zones and there scps containment chambers this could add some cool scenes to the game and will slow the player down if they want to see every scp but didn’t enter their containment chamber

Also to avoid players just walking past it you could use it to be an important area to get an item which’ll turn into a cutscene glancing over it before letting the player walk around the room and seeing the cameras and labels saying whats the scps name and if its a safe,euclid or keter

Any other notes:
This could also be used to showcase scraped scps that have a model but didn’t make it into the game it’ll also show that there are other scps besides the basic roster you could also use this to showcase scps that are either too large or in there own facility