scp 1860, it's bleaning song

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SCP/1860/SCP 1860 is 2.1 meter humanoid figure. he is enclosed in eleaxtic fabric like paper. he constanly realeses a stream of ink like water wich he can turn into music notes, clefs, and accidentals. he controls them by constanly singing arias and vocaltunes. either in a male or female voice. when he gets injuredhe release a deafing scream of multible voices

1860 can be found in wandering in light contaiment zone. he would be singen like usual and the note n stuff are also there. his gameplay gimmick would be that other scp can attack him, at wich time it lets a out the scream wich can temporaly deafing the player for half a minute. in this state you cont hear 173 scraping around and 106 music wont play so you dont know if he spawned in or that he is despawned. you can hear is music in other rooms so you can stratigicly avoid him if you want. he also alart mtf if they hear the song. leaving you alone and trying to recontain him