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SCP/Item/Feature: Map made out of paper.

Explanation: To make a map you'd need to find a pen/pencil and paper.

The map automatically updates itself in inventory while walking, constantly drawing the shape of rooms you explored.
Each floor takes a piece of paper.

The map won't update if there is an SCP currently chasing the player. (Exception - SCP-650)

Map can be damaged by: SCP-106's corrosion, bullets (causing bullet holes) and SCP-939's bite marks which would obstruct the view of the map. It also could be burnt by SCP-457 (if even added)

Turns into blueprints of the foundation if changed to fine/very fine in SCP-914. Blueprints still can be damaged.

Any other notes: Available via the map slot.
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That is basically the S-NAV from the original CB
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So basically you're proposing a feature, right? The player draws its own map. I like the idea!
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